Knight Frank Sells Property At 22% Above Opening Price In First Property Auction Since Circuit Breaker

Knight Frank Singapore has pushed a residence at 14 Lorong Kismis for $1.32 million, or twenty two percent% more than the house’s introduction value of $1.1 million at Knight Frank’s premier residential property public auction since the circuit breaker, base on notice on 23 October.

For a ground area of close to 3,290 square foot, the 2 floors semi-detached house has fifty one yrs left in its leasehold period of ninety nine yrs.

“Sitting among an extremely desired housing area, 14 Lorong Kismis is situated in a perfect community just where everything is handy, in the circling neighbourhood. KF was also enjoyably blown away by its craze, as the land was closely taken on and even K.O. in at most within 10 minutes,” mentioned Sharon Lee, Chief of A&S at Knight Frank Singapore.

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The fruitful affair was carried out on 16 October 20, including a good attendance of beyond 30 guests. Taking into account the COVID-19 circumstance, the activity was organized by having compelling protected management precautions in position using social distancing together with applied mask wearing by all of the guests.

Knight Frank is the first property auction firm in SG, also the first to host a residence auction sale in the country. Starting with its simple beginnings in a fight arena at Happy World theme park, the agency currently boasts an unwavering footing as a pioneer in land auctions 80 years on.

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